Angel Messages

Angel Card Message. 12.13.18

Dear Earth Angel,

The conflict at hand will be resolved quickly. But you must come with an open heart and mind. See the other person’s view and send love. Once you see their view you might understand better the situation. There’s still work to do on each side, but by showing openess, you will allow the other person to be open too. Be gentle with everyone in this situation. Including yourself. Self care is important.

Light and Love.

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Journal Entry

I Deleted My Original Blog, Here’s Why:

Hello everyone, I am happy to be here and share with you information about self-care. Although it seems new, this blog is actually not. I have had it for quite sometime but I decided to do something quite scary: I erased it and started from zero.

Why would I do something like that? I felt the blog changed its purpose one too many times because I was not sure what to share. I wanted to give you value and lots of it and I failed. This fresh start will make it a way to push me to bring you value. 

But what kind of things would you expect?  

Well, simply put: Things that can help you live your day to day life which can encourage self-care, inspiration and just hacks to make life simpler. I want to share inspirational quotes and things that have helped me live a more positive life. I live now by one simple phrase: #EmbraceGr8ness or “Embrace Greatness”

What is “Embrace Greatness”? it means to embrace the best version of you. Embrace your light, embrace the you that you have inside and needs to come out to bring more light in the world. The one you always wanted to be.

 But who am I? I am a mom of two beautiful souls and wife to an amazing guy. I am passionate about learning and being the best version of myself. Being a post-partum depression survivor allowed me to learn about the light I have in me and the one each of us has. My babies gave me the push I needed to pursue my passions and now love to call myself an entrepreneur, working on my dreams full time. It is a road that leads to ups and downs but it is beautiful, to say the least. I have learned more about myself in this journey than ever before.

Hi, I’m Diana 

And more than that… I am an artist, Reiki Master, Angel Card Reader, Certified Intuitive Counselor, and Social Media Manager. I love to help and help others shine. My greatest happiness is seeing others follow their dreams. Here I share info about me, but also curate and share content can help you or inspire you and I am always in the lookout for those awesome souls who want Reiki Sessions or Card readings as I am an intuitive souls like you all.I’m a bit of a hippie and a poet and look awesome with some filters lol. I am a wanderer of the universe and a soul seeking other souls to share journeys, laughter and experiences. 

I’m Truly happy to have you here and hope you love the information you find here. After all, it is for you.