Where did Embrace Greatness Come From?

To think back when that term came to mind brings a lot of emotions. Tears of joy and pain but overall, a sense of accomplishment.
It was no more than a year ago that the phrase “Embrace Greatness” came to mind. And it was after a long list of failed phrases. And why did I want that? to describe my feelings about the journey I had taken.
To start this, I should tell you that I, Diana, suffered from Post-Partum depression with my first. Wait…. what?
Yes, this is not a hoax or a joke. This is my reality and part of my story now. But to tell you the truth: I could not have been happier this happened to me. We will talk later what happened during that time. But I can tell you, it took me to a road I was not prepared. I became a Reiki Master Teacher and now, a coach and Spiritual Healer. I want to help as many people as I can.
So what does this all mean?
Embrace Greatness, means reach to the stars and say YES to you. Say YES to your life and dreams and say YES to a life you deserve. That is why I chose this phrase. That is why I am ready to say YES to me and “Embrace Greatness” this year.
Are you ready to do it with me?

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