3 easy things you can do today to be Happy!

Happiness is in the eyes of the beholder. Or so I’m told.
Reality is, that sometimes and specially these days with politics and all. It is harder to stay happy. So what to do? What can we do to be and stay happy?
Well, that’s the question I asked myself over and over. And there are 3 little things that are a sure way to be happier and are easy on our wallet too.

Embrace Life

Believe it or not. Physical activity can help you be happy. You release stress and gives you energy thus making you happy.
Exercise can be as simple as a daily walk around the block or as intense as Crossfit. I found myself doing at home workouts with Beachbody. But that’s another story.
Yeap. I’m talking about top of the lungs, crazy dance kind of singing. The one where you just let loose and have your friends wondering if you lost it. And well, yes you lost something. You lost the stress you had.
Find a song you cannot help but start singing and move around and just go with it. Do it on your car, do it on your room. Just do it and let loose. By doing this you are releasing anything that’s bottled up inside without talking about it (although it is very useful to talk). This is a quick and easy way to get a mood shift for the better.
Wake Up Happy
I know… You are probably wondering why in the world am I suggesting something like this. You can’t just flip a switch and be happy….. Or can you?
Think about it. You know at least once in your life you had a more than amazing day, when everything went right and it felt like the sun was just shinning your way. Can you make those day happen often? Yeap.
It is all about attitude. Wake up determined to have a great day. Start your day by exercising, then hop on the shower and sing like a mad man (see what I did there?)
Having the right morning routine can set you up for success. Just like having the wrong routine can set you up for failure.
Tell me, what will you do to be happy?

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