Finding Inspiration: Music can Influence you.

Music is art, is and art that inspires you. Music makes you want to dance, move, jump, cry, clap, hum, sing, scream, and just release that steam, it also relaxes you, makes you sleepy, calm, and a little less worried about life. I have some background in music. I learned how to play the violin, piano and the recorder and I spend just about my entire childhood and teenage years around music. I learned all sorts of thing but the one thing I always remember is that music influences you.

Art does the same thing, in fact the artist’s feelings are directly express in their paintings and drawings. But, can music influence you in how you’ll create or just gives you inspiration?

Music can actually influence the theme of your painting.


For Example: I find myself staring at my computer, sketch pad or canvas and having not clue what to create. I start to look for some sort of inspiration and let’s just say I find it on a object such as my violin. I know what the object in my painting is going to be but not the theme. Who cares right? I usually paint better when I listened to music so I put a CD and lets say I am in the mood for Yanni. As I’m listening to Renegade by Yanni I can picture this desert with beautiful reds, oranges and some yellow colors. My sketch is done, and I’m ready to paint, I’m still listening to Renegade and I decide to paint my violin on Red, but not bright red, more of a earthy-red. I listened to the entire CD: Yanni Tribute and when I finished my painting has this warm colors all over is a beautiful combination of reds, yellow and oranges and I cannot be more happy with it. The only problem is this, my original plan was to have a black background and paint the entire violin. Instead I have half of a violin and the background, well it is obviously not black.


Another example is when I listen to rock most of the time I come up with drawings that are a little darker than when I listen to Yanni. See, music does influence the theme and sometimes mood of your creations. I believe music influence your creations because it is already influencing your emotions.

Whether you know it or not, music always have some impact in your feelings. Positive of negative those feelings inspire you; as you create, those feelings you have are influencing you decisions about what colors, mediums and materials to use.

So if you can’t find inspiration, listen to some music and that will help you out. Experiment, find music you normally don’t listen to and you may be surprised.


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