Reiki for Children: My Experience with a Toddler.

As a Reiki Master, I know the importance of energy healing. I also know the importance of learning how to shield your energy from people and situations around you as an adult. But about children? Do we teach them or just leave them alone.


As a mom of a  4 year old and a 5 month old. This was something that recently came to mind. My toddler is going through her own changes; she’s becoming a little person and is leaving babyhood behind. She is learning about many different emotions and needs to deal with them and learn how to express them. We have had some rough couple of weeks with that. But as I learned, there is no just one way to deal with them; and not the only thing I need to be concerned.


I’m human, I laugh, cry, get frustrated and mad. And sometimes meditations, incense, sage or reiki might not be the answer, so I exercise. One night, my toddler was going through a BIG meltdown and I was frustrated myself. I walked away from the room and took a 5 second break. As I was back I realized and saw the situation with a new light. I realized that my own tired and frustrated energy was being fed to my toddler and in return, she was feeding her sad energy to her baby brother (he was crying because she was crying)


Instead of trying to rationalize with a 4 year old, I simply kneeled down and hugged her. She fought me at first, but I just held her tight and told her I loved her. I focused on that, on love energy. And focused on just giving her that energy. She stopped and hugged me and simply cried. The anger and frustration I have seen from her was gone and she was simply releasing energy through crying. After crying we talked and I did a mini Reiki Session on her. She was so excited that she offered to do it on me herself. I have never taught her before but let me tell you, it was the best energy healing session I have had in MY LIFE!


So with all of that, I realized, we need to teach our kids about energy healing. We must teach them how to take care of their energy and how to release it properly. They are wiser than us, believe me, the souls of the children being born now are wiser than no other. But they come to learn more and they too, have to adjust to live life as a human. So this is when we come to place. As parents, brothers, sisters, mentors, and friends, we must bring good energy to our world. And more importantly, bring good energy to our children.


From the time I started typing this to now (yes, I actually took a few weeks to write this) there has been many more meltdowns, but there has also been more laughter and love. I now give her nightly Reiki sessions and she sleeps through the night (more on this later) and through tears and meltdowns and just nights where things change from one minute to the next, I am learning and watching her grow. I am learning to see how much energy can affect a little one.


Have you tried Reiki on your Little Ones? Let me know



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