Reduce the stress, Try self care.

Self care, a word that is a big part of my life lately. Self care is essential to one’s life, why? Studies have shown that taking care of yourself:

  • Can reduce stress

  • Make you happier

  • Help you focus more

  • Reduce risk for anxiety attacks

  • Improve your mood

  • Increase Self confidence

  • And so much more…

Self care is not selfsh, it is necessary; afterall, we cannot pour from an empty glass right?

So, can there be a balance between self care and taking care of our every day life?


Self care can be small tasks you add to your life, so small that don’t interrupt your current and can increase as the rhythm of your life changes a beat. Yes, self care can be as simple as taking 3 deep breaths or as extensive as starting a new workout regimen.

The whole point of taking care of yourself is doing things that will add to your life, that will bring joy and that will make you feel good. But what about working out? It sure doesn’t add joy to your life at the beginning, I mean, who wants to be jumping up and down, running until you are out of breath and sweating like a sunny day at the beach without the sandy bed under your feet. Uhmmm no, right? you would probably run for the hills after the idea I just put in your head. But  here is the thing, this is just at the beginning. While the beginning of EVERYTHING might seem hard and l something you can never master, it might just end up being the best thing for you.

Think about it, going to school, learning to read, walk crawl! everything requires some amount of extra push. When we are really pumped about something, you don’t care how hard it might seem, you just want to achieve it. The same principle applies to a workout and self care.

It is all about mindset. Train your brain to see the end goal while enjoying the journey. Yes, it will be hard the first few times but imagine ALL of the reward that comes after you have started. Think of the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish something, now imagine doing that over and over again. You will get a high!! you will be in cloud 9 the more you accomplish, the more you push and the more you try. You don’t go to school because you enjoy the pain, you go because you know you will learn something. Doctors don’t go through the years and years of training and become successful because they hate it…they do it because they have passion. Passion for helping, money, both or merely the sense of knowing that they proved themselves they could do it.

Passion brings drive. Drive brings happiness. Self care can make this happen faster.

Self care helps you see that the 3 min bath is good, and the 5 minute meditation makes you feel so good that you want to do more!

This helps you, your life and the people around you. Happy you, happy life.

Light and Love.


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