Finding Inspiration: How’s the weather?


Commissioned Piece

Finding inspiration is not as easy as it sounds. Inspiration is not something you find but instead, it’s something that comes to you. Looking at pictures, websites, trees, flowers, the ocean… those are all sorts of things you can do to find inspiration.

But what happens when the weather changes, does your inspiration goes out the window?

When the weather changes it affects your mood, feelings and even the way your act. So, will that also apply to our inspiration? I can’t really say what happens to other people, as I am not a doctor or specialist to give you a specific answer. I can, however, tell you how weather affects me.

When it Rains…

Something you may not know about me is that I am also a musician; I play the violin and piano. When it rains it actually inspires me to play, much more than any other day. I love to hear the sound of the rain drops hitting the pavement or the grass. The smell in the air, the rhythm in the rain… All of this works together to form this wonderful symphony that inspires me to play.

When it’s cold…

When the weather is very cold (much like now!!), I prefer to work indoors, either on my computer or writing. One of the benefits of having cold weather is that my computer, printer and other machines stay cool and I do not have to worry about the heat in the machines. If it is too cold I also work with pastels because I found them easier to handle.

During Summer…

I love to work with watercolors and acrylics. I like to work on my little patio and I have a great look at the big old tree that’s right behind my place. I also don’t work as much in my computer, but more with my other projects: Paint, Draw, Making Greeting Cards,  and other handmade objects.

Feelings, places, looks, words, voices… Everything affects us. It is how we handle those feelings what needs to be important not how we let the feelings control us. Weather can affect us either good or bad. For me, rain inspires me and lets me take my thoughts into a different direction; to others, rain it is just depressing.

So, how does the weather affects your creative thinking?


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