It’s a Family Afair now


The husband. He keeps to himself and rarely I post about him; he supports me in my journey and I love him for it, but he is not an avid social media person like myself 😂

Well, now you might see him more on my Instagram account, as him and I are staring a journey to a healthier lifestyle together! Yep, the journey to a healthier me added a new soul to the path. This man gets to workout and eat healthier so we can both love to see out kiddos grow.

Okay, that might sound super dramatic, but the point is, we want to take care of our kids. We want to teach them to be good to others and themselves. We choose to not just tell them what to do but to lead by example; and so… here it is, we are leading by example.

I am very happy to have him part of the journey, but I can’t lie. It would take a lot of work. I am the “chef” in the family, so I see a lot more cooking in the future for me. 😂

We will be mostly documenting in my Instagram account, but I will have updates here too. I am also excited to use this as an excuse to get my Pinterest boards together and share them with you as I find recipes or anything that might be helpful. I also look forward to narrating our attempts of clean eating and exercising while raising a 5yo and a 1yo, hubby working a full-time job and me running a fulltime business. Needless to say, there is bound to be a funny moment or two.

It’s a family affair now, and so we started today. We chose to workout at home and do 21 Day Fix by Beachbody a program I loved and the one that helped me lose weight the right way as seen below.

Since I knew it worked, I am trying it again. This time, I am losing the weight after baby, while hubs is getting healthy overall. Before pics need to be taken so I can share them on day 21. It will be a great day indeed.

I appreciate all of you and thank you for your support and we want to invite you to share your journey with us. We want to be your cheerleaders and celebrate with you all. If you want the cheerleaders, DM us on Instagram. I would love to hear from you.


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