The Journey Continues


Week two is here and we are ready to tackle it. Well, maybe lol.

We have been going strong with the workouts, the husband and I. Cardio, upper body, lower body, pilates, and yoga. Weights, no weights… yep we have done it. For me, it has been fun. I feel good and I realize that I might need to pump it up a notch so I can get the most out of the workout. But, for the moment, I am focusing on getting hubby to get used to working out.

He has never been the super physical type, but when it came to his body and gaining weight, he really didn’t think he needed it as he never gained weight until recently. So it is a big adjustment for him I know.

As for me, I actually enjoy working out. It gives me energy and makes me feel stronger. Plus, my back gets better. That’s my main concern, how my back feels. I started suffering from back pain since I was 20 and truly that’s also when I learned about how stress can affect your body. But that’s a convo for another day.

Anyway, this week we both have focusef on eating better, more veggies and less carbs. We are not cutting all carbs but it is a big change as we are latinos and carbs are a staple in our diet. I also learned how important it is for me to help my husband plan his meals. For me, I don’t mind eating more veggies, I love it and I find it easy figuring out meala for me. The challenge was making sure hubby would have plenty of food for the day that was healthy and making sure I planned dinner around all of us meals during the day so saying that it is a family affair is an understatement.

You see, before I would make sure I fed them and I was well aware of what I ate during the day and what I couldn’t eat at night anymore. But now, I have to make sure that the meal is good for the family and is good for my husband’s stomach. He cannot process foods (yes, even the healthier kind) the way we all do. So I have to be mindful of that and instead of cooking different meals for all, I prefer (and so does my wallet) to make a good, hearty meal for all that is packed with the nutrients we all need.

Don’t get me wrong, health is always been on my mind but it takes it up a notch when you have to pretty much plan menus for 7 days per week for more tha just you. The kids are easy to feed in my opinion.

But overall we have mamaged to eat well and my husband has been great at making sure he works out every day. He hates it but he is doing it and really, that is all I could ask for. My schedule took a turn and changed so I can be sure workout together and provide each other support during this journey.

Here’s to week two… We will be going out of town and it will be interesting to see how we handle our health journey then.

Until next time.



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