The Journey had a Roadblock

It happened. We stopped for close to 2 weeks. I remembered it clearly:

It was a bright beautiful day… actually I have no clue how the day looked. I was tired and did my usual ritual: talk myself into staying in bed and losing because mom schedule doesn’t take a day off. Get ready, get the toddler dressed and get out the door to drop her off. Yup, seems that it is my usual routine.


Anyway, the day went on until I get a call from the husband: “something is not right” after a few messages back and forth I leave my client’s office and rush home. Hubby is not well and have to take him to the doctor.

Now, I cannot tell you the details, but I can tell you that although it was painful, it was NOT “hospital stay” serious. Thankfully, meds and rest made it all better. So we had to stop for a little bit. Next, it was vacation time that same week. The husband semi-recovered on time so we were able to go on our trip. Lots of walking so maybe that was our exercise.

The 2nd week was crazy, catching up and figuring out whether or not all was okay. Needless to say, working out was not in the plans that week. But no more, we started back again this Saturday and will push to stay as consistent as possible. I found a cute dress and bought it as motivation to get myself into shape.


So this week, I am committing not only to workout but to drink more water. That has been my struggle lately. I forget to drink anything consistently and tomorrow the journey will continue with getting groceries for the week. The budget is a bit tight so getting the absolute essentials for sure.


Until next time. The journey had a roadblock but will continue.


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