Time To Smell The Roses…

Hi there, Diana here. A mom of 2 who is asking you to go smell the roses with your kids. Wait, what?

If you have entered or are about to enter the wonderful “Terrible Twos” stage, this might be something that can help you. Heck, I wish I had learned this with my now 5-year-old when she started her “Terrible Twos” era. Regardless, this is something I hope helps other mommas out there.


What are you talking about Diana?

It is a super simple way to get the kids to relax when they are frustrated. This is how it works: Ask your baby to smell the roses (imaginary rose in their hand) and blow the candles (also imaginary).  Yup, that’s it. You are asking them to breathe in and out.

It is such a simple and fun way to ask them to breathe and relax without calling it that. I hear this little thing one day at my daughter’s school and it has stuck at home 100%. Now, I do have to warn you, depending on the meltdown, it might take you a while or might not work so I do have another variation to this…. I make it super animated!!!

How so?

I get super goofy and…. well here’s a pic of me


Not that out there, but seriously when we “smell the roses” I put my arms up as if I got “inflated” (with hope that this works) and when we “blow the candle” we exhale as hard as possible and I “deflate” (still hoping it works) and I would say 9 times out of 10 it has worked wonders. Long enough to get the kids distracted from what they were crying about and ready to get them to talk about how to cope with whatever they were dealing with.

Kids are little people. They have emotions like all of us and personally, I tend to calm myself down by taking deep breaths so why not do the same with my little people?

I hope this post helped some of you. If you can, I would love to hear what you thought of this by leaving a comment and perhaps sharing it with others. I truly appreciate the support.




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