The Journey has Bumps on the Road…

What happens when you hit a wall?

What happens when you think you are doing well and suddenly there is a bump, a block on the road? Do you quit? or do you get creative?

Hubby and I have been on this health journey, we have had our bumps. We stopped even and this past week has been tough to continue, to start even. We have done mostly good with our food choices but working out has not been done right.

We both decided it needed to start again and personally, I need to change my way of eating and routine. You see, I have had a hard time with my belly. Although I am eating whole foods and I still have issues. So I will start to adopt a more plant-based diet and eat fewer meats and see how that works for me.

So we are back to “square one” sort of speak and taking a detour so that our journey can be the best it can be. We took a break but didn’t quit. So be sure to follow along as I document a journey to a better health.

Good News tho: Hubby has lost almost 10lbs!! all with changes in diet and the exercise we did. He is a bit sick and is even trying a more natural way to battle it (saline and rest) and so far is working which I am super proud of him for that. He is the one that always needed prescription meds to get better.

Gotta get back to cooking, until next time.



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