About Me

29571066_2095844570635589_7316454812610329904_n “Embrace Greatness” means to embrace the best version of you. Embrace your light, embrace the you that you have inside. I am a mom of two beautiful souls and wife to an amazing guy.
I am passionate about learning and being the best version of myself. Being a post-partum depression survivor allowed me to learn about the light I have in me and the one each of us has. My babies gave me the push I needed to pursue my passions and now love to call myself an entrepreneur, working on my dreams full time. It is a road that leads to ups and downs but it is beautiful, to say the least. I have learned more about myself in this journey than ever before.
I am an artist, Reiki Master, Certified Intuitive Counselor and Social Media Manager. I love to help and help others shine. My greatest happiness is seeing others follow their dreams.
Here I share info about me, but also curate and share content can help you or inspire you and I am always in the lookout for those awesome souls who want Reiki Sessions or Card readings as I am an intuitive soul like you all.
I’m a bit of a hippie and a poet and look awesome with some filters lol. I am a wanderer of the universe and a soul seeking other souls to share journeys, laughter and experiences. I hope you find what I share to be of value.
Light and Love

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